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Full-time / Part-time · Verve HQ & Amsterdam Office

Let's create something mind-blowing

At Verve, we want to realize the potential of our ambitious international clients - and we’d like to do that alongside nice, talented people like you. Together we’ll create amazing work that you can be truly proud of while enjoying the best days of your career.

We are brand strategists and -designers, digital designers, and developers who transform good brands into great ones. We combine our digital-first design mindset with a thorough and resolute brand strategy. And distill a brand's energy into an unforgettable story. Like we do for Miro, Juni, and Flutterwave. 

If you can’t see an opening for you, then maybe you can make one. We love to be challenged - so tell us why you’re the person we need to drive forward. 

And if we really can’t find a space for you, who knows what will happen in the future?

Perks at Verve

🚀 The basics

We’re providing you with an Apple laptop, keyboard, mouse, laptop stand and budget for a proper office chair at home. Get ready for healthy lunches at the office and fully covered transportation costs for public transport, car, motor, bike and even your skateboard. You get access to a retirement plan for which you receive an additional percentage with your monthly salary. Everything you need, to take away any worries and focus on producing your best work.

🧠 The purpose

Verve is about realizing potential. We see this potential in our clients, our company, but also in your professional and personal growth. That’s why we offer Verve Academy workshops, experiments in our Verve Lab, an annual learning budget, access to a Verve career coach and unlimited educational books.

🛸 Hybrid

We believe the role of the office has changed, for the better. Come in to enjoy the company of your colleagues, experience the culture and get inspired through the moments between your work. That's why the whole Verve team works at least three days at one of our studios in Amsterdam or The Hague. The other days are up to you. Up to 6 weeks a year you can also work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have working wifi.

❤️ Recharge

We believe great work comes from people who feel good. That’s why we aim to provide the tools for you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We don’t burn the midnight oil: evenings and weekends are for you. Enjoy a museum visit with your museum card, follow yoga classes during lunch or visit the gym in your Verve sponsored sportswear.

🤝 Team spirit

You make Verve to what it is. We stimulate a sense of togetherness by going on team trips, wearing Verve apparel, yearly Verve HighFive conferences, enjoying special dinners, all the way to bingos and occasional kroketten and cocktails. And because great people want to work with great people, we offer a recruitment bonus for bringing our next talent on board.

Ready to grow with us? 

Apply now and answer some questions about what excites you in your work, from past projects to your vision on branding. Upload your digital portfolio or resume and fill in your details.  

Acquisition as a result of this vacancy is not appreciated.